Christmas Magic

Michelle Risley (UK) - November 2019
Santa's Coming Written & Sung By: Chris James (UK)

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[1-8] Point, Touch, Point, Turn ¼ Right, Point Touch, Step Side, Touch
1-2Point Right To Right Side, Touch Right Next To Left
3-4Point Right To Side, Make ¼ Right Stepping Right Next To Left (3oc)
5-6Point Left To Left Side, Touch Left Next To Right
7-8Step Left To Side, Touch Right Next To Left

[9-16] Side Step, Kick, Side Step, Kick, Vine Right, Scuff
1-2Step Right To Right Side, Kick Left Across Right (Clap
3-4Step Left To Left Side, Kick Right Across Left (Clap)
5-6Step Right To Side, Left Behind
7-8Step Right To Side, Scuff Left Forward (3oc)

[17-24] Walk, Scuff, Walk Scuff, Rock Forward, Recover, Step Back (Mambo), Hold
1-2Step Forward On Left, Scuff Right Forward
3-4Step Forward On Right, Scuff Left Forward
5-6Rock Left Foot Forward, Recover Back On Right,
7-8Step Back On Left, Hold (3oc)

[25-32] Back, Together Back (Shuffle), Step Back, Together, Step Forward (Coaster)
1-2Step Back On Right, Left Next To Right
3-4Step Back Right, Hold
5-6Step Back On Left, Step Right Next To Left
7-8Step Forward On Left, Hold

Have Fun, Enjoy! Happy Christmas XX

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