Need a Little Love

Iris Rath - November 2019
Little Help (feat. Mimi & Josy) - The BossHoss

Info: 2x Restarts
*5th Wall after 8 Counts
**10th Wall after 24 Counts
Intro: 16 Counts

[1-8] point R, touch, drag R, touch, point L, touch, drag L, touch
1-2point RF to the R, touch RF next to LF
3-4take a big step to the R, drag LF next to RF, finishing with a touch
5-6point LF to the L, touch LF next to RF
7-8take a big step to the L, drag RF next to LF, finishing with a touch

[9-16] step turn ½, triple FW, step turn ½, triple FW
1-2step with RF fw, half turn over L
3-4RF step fw, LF next to RF, RF step fw
5-6step with LF fw, half turn over R
7-8LF step fw, RF next to LF, LF step fw

[17-24] step lock RF, step lock step RF, step lock LF, step lock step LF
1-2RF step fw digonally R, LF behind RF
3-4RF step diagonally fw, LF lock behind RF, RF step fw
5-6LF step fw digonally L, RF behind LF
7-8LF step diagonally fw, RF lock behind LF, LF step fw

[25-32] out,out,in,in, step 1/8 turn 2x
1-2step fw diagonally RF, step fw diagonally LF
3-4step back RF, step back LF next to RF
5-6RF step fw, 1/8 turn over L weight on LF
7-8RF step fw, 1/8 turn over L weight on LF