Santa Claus Is Coming

Jhon Batin (INA), November 2019
Mariah Carey - Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town (Official Audio)

Start Dance on Vocals “You better watch out…”
** 2 Restart on wall 3 & 6 after 32 count (facing 12:00)
** No Tag
Sec 1: Chasse R, Cross Rock Behind, Chasse L, Step Lock Backward Diagonal
1&2Step R to right side, step L beside R, step R to right side
3-4Cross L behind R. recover on R
5&6Step L to left side, step R beside L, step L to left side
7&8Step R backward diagonal (facing: 01.30), cross L over R, step R backward

Sec 2: Coaster Step, Kick Forward (2x), Cross Behind, 1/8 Turn Left, Cross Shuffle
1&2Step L back, step R back close together, step L forward
3-4Kick R forward (2x)
5-6Step R cross behind L, step L 1/8 turn to left side (facing 12:00)
7&8Cross R over L, step L to left side, cross R over L
Sec 3: Side Step, Big Step Backward, Drag Back, Forward, Pivot ¼ Turn Right, Step Lock Step Forward
1-2-3Step L to left side, big step R backward, drag L back close beside R
4-5-6Step R forward, step L forward, making ¼ turn right (facing 03:00) recover on R
7&8Step L forward, cross R behind L, step L forward

Sec 4: Side Step, Big Step Backward, Drag Back, Cross Forward, Pivot ¼ Turn Left, Forward
1-2-3Step R to right side, big step L backward, drag R back close beside L
4-5-6Step L forward, step R forward, making ¼ turn left (facing 12:00) recover on L
7-8Step R forward, step L forward over R

Sec 5: Scissor Step, ½ Turn Right, Boogie Walk
1-2-3Step R to side, close L together, cross R over L
4Making 1/2 turn right stepping L back (facing 06:00)
5-6-7-8Step R forward with R knee bend out R – L – R - L

Sec 6: Rocking Chair, Jazz Box Cross
1-2-3-4Step R forward, recover on L, step R backward, recover on L
5-6-7-8Cross R over L, step L back, step R to side, cross L over R

Have Fun & Enjoy.. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year !

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