Mother's Heart

Dee Musk (UK) November 2019
'Mother's Heart' – 'Stefanie Heinzmann' – Album: All We Need Is Love.

#16 Count Intro. Approx 10 secs – Start on Vocals. Track approx 3 mins 24 secs.
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Walk R, Walk L, R Anchor Step, Back Touch, Back Touch, Out, Out, In, In.
1,2Walk forward R, walk forward L.
3&4Step R behind L rocking back, recover weight to L, rock back on R.
5&6&Step back on L, touch R beside L, step back on R, touch L beside R.
7&8&Step out L, step out R, step in L, step in R. (Weight on R).(12 o’clock).
L Dorothy Step, R Dorothy Step, L Rocking Chair, Rock, Recover, ¼ Turn L, Together.
1,2,&Step L forward, cross step R behind L, step L forward.
3,4&Step R forward, cross step L behind R, step R forward.
5&6&Rock forward on L, recover weight to R, rock back on L, recover weight to R.
7&8&Rock forward on L, recover weight to R, make ¼ turn L stepping L to L side, *R*step R beside L. (9 o’clock).
**Restart During wall 8 – dance to count 8 then touch R beside L. Begin again facing 12 o’clock.

Side, Cross, Rock, Recover, Cross, Hinge ½ Turn L, Cross, Rock, ¼ Turn R.
1,2Step L to L side, cross R over L.
3&4Rock L to L side, recover weight to R, cross L over R.
5,6Make ¼ turn L stepping back on R, make ¼ turn L stepping L to L side.
7&8Cross rock R over L, recover weight to L, make ¼ turn R stepping forward on R. (6 o’clock).

Full Turn R, Ball Step ¾ Turn L, Side, Together, Side L Heel Twist, Recover R Heel Twist, Recover, Together.
1,2Full turn R travelling forward stepping back on L, forward on R.
&3,4Step L beside R, step forward on R making a ¾ turn L.
5&Step R to R side, step L beside R.
6&Step R to R side, twist L heel in towards R.
7&Twist L heel back to centre, twist R heel in towards L.
8&Twist R heel back to centre, step L beside R. (9 o’clock).

Tag end of wall 3, begin again facing 3 o’clock.
Step, Mambo Step, Back, Together.
1,2&3Step forward on R, rock forward on L, recover weight to R, step back on L.
4&Step back on R, step L beside R.

**Restart with step change during wall 8 – dance to count 8 of section 2 - then touch R beside L – begin again facing 12 o’clock.

Have fun

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