Turn Me On

David LECAILLON / November 2019
« Turn Me on » by Riton & Oliver Heldens Feat Vula

Dedicated to ARBIOL nathalie

Intro 16 counts

section 1 : step R back ¼ turn, slide ¼ turn , step L back ¼ turn , slide ¼ turn, coaster step R, triple step forward L
1-2step Rf back with ¼ turn Right , slide Lf next to Rf ¼ turn Right facing 12h
3-4step Lf back with ¼ turn Left , slide Rf next to Lf ¼ turn Left facing 12h
5&6step Rf back , step Lf next to Rf , step Rf forward
7&8step Lf forward , step Rf next to Lf, step Lf forward

section 2: cross step back & heel, step 1/4 turn R step L forward,1/2 turn L step R back , triple 1/4 turn L
1-2cross Rf over Lf, step Lf on Left side
3&4step Rf back , step Lf next to Rf , heel Right forward
&5-6¼ turn Right step Rf forward , step Lf forward , ½ turn Left step Rf back 9:00
7&81/4 turn Left step Lf on Left side , step Rf next to Lf , step Lf on Left side 6:00
restart here on wall 5 (facing 6:00) and wall 12 (facing 12:00)

section 3 : step ¼ turn L , triple cross on L, rock step L , behind side cross
1-2step Rf forward , ¼ turn Left 3:00
3&4cross Rf over Lf, step Lf on Left side , cross Rf over Lf
5-6side rock on Left recover onto Rf
7&8cross Lf behind Rf step Rf on Right side , cross Lf over Rf
section 4 : rock step sailor ¼ turn R , big step L forward full turn on place, big step L forward slide touch
1-2side rock on Right recover on Lf
3&4¼ turn Right step RF back , step Lf next to Rf, step Rf forward 6:00
5-6big step forward on Left , full turn on place turn Right weigh on Lf, step Rf next to Lf
7-8big step forward on Left, slide Rf next to Lf and touch Rf near Lf

start again with smile