Shang Hua Jiao 上花轎

Tina Chen Sue-Huei & Juilin Chen (November 2019)
Shang Hua Jiao by Mandarin~Karaoke-KTV

Start Dance After 24 Counts. 1 Restart

Main Dance (32 Counts)
SI.Side Tog Side Hold – Jazz Box Cross
1-4Side Step R, Tog Step L, Side Step R, Hold (4)
5-8Cross L Over R, Back Step R, Side Step L, Cross R Over L

SII. Side Tog Side Hold – Fwd ½ L ¼ L
1-4Side Step L, Tog Step R, Side Step L, Hold (4)
5-6Fwd Step R, Pivot ½ L Turn Step On L (6.00)
7-8Fwd Step R, Pivot ¼ L Turn Side Step L (3.00)

SIII.Weave L With Touch – Weave R With Touch
1-4Cross R Over L, Side Step L, Behind Cross R, Point L To Left Side
5-8Cross L Over R, Side Step R, Behind Cross L, Point R To Right Side
Note: Here On Wall 5 After 24 Counts Restart Dance Facing 3.00

SIV.Cross Point (2X) – Fwd Rock Recover – ½ R Turn Fwd RL
1-4Cross R Over L, Point L To Left Side, Cross L Over R, Point R To Right Side
5-6Fwd Rock R, Recover On L
7-8½ R Turn Fwd Step On RL (9.00)

Happy Dancing!