Love Like The Films AB

Absolute Beginner
Maryse, Angéline Fourmage (27 November 2019)
Love like the films by Lee Jae Jin (FTIsland)

Start : 16 counts – 3 Tag
Sequence : A-A-A-Tag 1-A-A-A-A-Tag 1-A-A-Tag 2-A-A-A-A-A

[1-8] : Walk Backx2, Stompx3, Mambo,Toe Strut
1-2RF Back, LF Back
3&4Stomp RF next to LF, Stomp LF next to RF, Stomp RF next to LF
5&6Mambo L Back, Recover on RF, LF FW
7-8R Toe strut FW, Down R Heel

[9-16] : Cross, Point, Cross, Point, Jazz box 1/4L, Slide
1-2Cross LF over RF, Point RF to the R side
3-4Cross RF over LF, Point LF to the L side
5-6Cross LF over RF, Make ¼ L with RF Back
7-8Slide LF to the L side, Drag RF next to LF

Tag 1 : 8 counts
[1-8] V Step, Swayx4
1-2RF FW on R diagonal, LF FW on L diagonal
3-4RF Back, LF next to RF
5-6R sway, L sway
7-8R sway, L sway

Tag 2 : 4 counts
[1-4] Swayx4
1-2RF to R side with sway, L sway
3-4R sway, L sway

NOTA : RF = Right Foot LF = Left Foot FW = Forward

Smile and enjoy the dance
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