High Improver
Rex Chuan (USA) - November 2019
Fly - ANU

Tag: 2 - Restart: 0

Start: after 32 counts of intro, with vocal

S1: Back, Tap, Shuffle, Pivot Turn, Pivot Turn.
12Step RF backward(1), touch LF on RF(2)
3&4Step LF forward(3), lock in RF(&), step LF forward(4)
5678Step RF forward(5), swivel half turn L and recover on RF(6), Step RF forward(7), Step LF forward(8) (6:00)

S2:. Forward, Sway, Sway, Shuffle, Tap, Monterey Turn.
123R quarter turn and step RF diagonally(1), sway back on LF(2), sway forward on RF(3)
4&5Step LF forward(4), lock in RF(&), step LF forward(5)
678tap RF R(6), step RF together and swivel half turn R(7), tap LF L(8) (3:00)

S3: Samba, Samba, Pivot Turn, Lower Down, Rise
1&2Cross LF(1), step RF R(&), step LF L(2)
3&4Cross RF(3), step LF L(&), step RF R(4)
56Step LF forward(5), swivel half turn R(6)
78Lower down on LF(7), rise up(8) (9:00)

S4: Walk, Shuffle, Forward, Hitch, Slide Back and Draw.
12Step LF forward(1), hold 2
3&4Step RF forward(3), lock in LF(&), step RF forward(4)
56Step LF forward(5), hitch RF(6)
78Puch and step RF backward(7) and draw in LF(8) (9:00)

Tag 1(4ct): starting after DR with LF in front of RF, just do an unwind half R turn. You can do plain unwind or add some heel pump depending on the music. Do this after wall 1,3,7,9

Tag 2(2ct): only two counts, otherwise same as tag 1. Do this after wall 10

+++Special note on starting over a new wall: when there is no tag inserted before a new wall starts, on the first count right swivel half turn first and step RF backward.

Enjoy the dance!