Love Scenario

Eun Mi Lim & S.E.A of love (December 2019)
Love Scenario (사랑을 했다) by Ikon

Intro: 32 counts (approx. 17secs) No Tags & Restarts~!

S1: Forward Knee Pop (R - L), Side, Touch, 1/4Turn Forward, Scuff, 1/4Turn Hitch, Touch (In – Out), Side.
1-2Step R forward and knee pop, Step L forward and knee pop.
3-4Step R to right side, Touch cross L behind R look to shoulder right.
5&61/4turn L stepping L forward (9:00), Scuff R forward, 1/4turn L with hitch R (6:00).
7&8Touch R toward right (In - Out), Step R to right side.

S2: Hold, Together, Cross, Diagonal Back with Hip Bumps X 2 Times (L - R), Coaster Step.
1&2Hold, Step L next to R, Cross R over L.
3&4Step L diagonal left back with hip bump L, Hip Bumps (R - L).
5&6Step R diagonal right back with hip bump R, Hip Bumps (L - R).
7&8Step L back, Step R next to L, Step L forward.
Option (3&4, 5&6): Lift your elbows to shoulders and your pull shoulders up & down.

S3: 1/4Turn L Side, Touch, Skate Step (L-R), Anchor Step- Hitch, Behind, Side
1-21/4turn L stepping R to right side (3:00), Touch L next to R.
3-4Step L diagonal left slid forward, Step R diagonal right slid forward.
5&6Cross L Behind R, Step R forward in place, Step L back with hitch R knee diagonal right.
7-8Cross R behind L, Step L to left side.

S4: Touch - Side (R - L), Tap, Heel Swivel (Out - In), Back With Heel Up & Down.
1-2Touch R toe across L, Step R to right side.
3-4Touch L toe across R, Step L to left side.
5&6Tap R forward, Heel R swivels (out - in).
7-8Step R back with heel L up, Heel L down while Heel R up In place.

Enjoy Dancing Always!

Eun Mi: Eun Ah: