Let It Be Christmas

Uli Elfrida (INA) - December 2019
Let It Be Christmas - Alan Jackson

Sequence : 24 tag 24 20& 24 tag 24 24 6 24 tag 24 24 14

Section 1 Side, back, recover, fwd, sway, fwd, turn, cross, side, behind, sway
1 2& a34Big step R side, step L back, recover on R, step L fwd, step R side sway R L
5 6&Step R fwd - hitch L, 1/4 turn right (facing 3.00) cross L over R, step R side
a 7 8Cross L behind R, step R side and sway R L

Section 2 Forward, recover, backs, weep, behind, turn, side, jazz box
& 1 2Step R L forward , recover on R
& 3Step L back, step R back while sweeping L from front to back
4 &Step L behind R, 1/4 turn right step R forward (facing 6.00)
5 6 & 71/4 turn right step L to left side, step R to right side, step L next to R, step R to right side (facing 9.00)
8 &aCross L over R, step R back, step L to left side

Section 3 Forward, swivel 1/2 L R, sweep, behind, side,cross, recover
1 2 3Step R forward, swivel1/2 turn left (3.00), swivel 1/2 turn right (9.00) while sweeping R from front to back
4& 5 6Cross R behind L, step L side, cross R over L, recover on L
& 7 8 &Step R to right side, cross L over R, recover on R, step L to left side.

Tag: Sway
1 2Sway to the right - left

Thank you and hope you enjoy it

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