Faster Faster

Brenda Shatto (USA) December 2019
Faster by Matt Nathanson - Album: Modern Love (2011), 3:28, BPM 107

Note: Restart on walls 2 & 5 after count 24. 8 ct. tag danced twice after wall 3 and once after wall 6. Sequence: 32, 24, 32, Tag twice, 32, 24, 32, Tag, 32, 32, 32, 32, Ending 16
Intro: 16 counts, 12 seconds. Weight on right, facing 10:30.

[1-8] L forward rock, recover, L triple step, R back rock, recover, kick, ball-step
1,2Rock L forward to left diagonal, recover to R
3&4Rock back L, recover R, ⅛ turn right step L to left (12:00)
5,6Cross/rock R back, recover L turning ⅛ right (1:30)
7&8Low kick R forward, ball step R in place, step L forward

[9-16] R forward, pivot full turn left, R back, L cross, back, back, R cross-back-together
1234Step R forward, ½ pivot turn left on L, ½ pivot turn left step R back, L cross over R (face 1:30)
No turn option: 1) Rock R forward, 2) L recover, 3) R back, 4) L cross
567&8Step R back, step L back, cross R over L, Step L back, step R next to L

[17-24] L cross, R side, R point & L point, L ¼ left, R ¾ turn left, L press, knee in, out
1,2Cross L over R, ⅛ turn left step R to right (square up to 12:00)
&3&4Step L next to R, point R to right, step R next to L, point L to left
5,6¼ turn left step L forward (9:00), ¼ turn left step R to side & spiral 1/2 turn left on R (12:00)
No turn option: 5) L to left side, 6) cross R over L (12:00)
7&8Press ball of L to left diagonal, twist L knee in, return knee forward (10:30) **Restart on walls 2 & 5

[25-32] L Step/rock, R Recover/rock, L triple step, R step ¼ pivot left, R cross & cross
1,2Step L in place (straighten leg) and rock hips forward, rock hips back to R
3&4L small step forward, R lock behind L, L small step forward
5,6Step R forward, pivot ¼ turn left transfer weight to left (facing 7:30)
7&8Cross R over left, step L to left small step, cross R over left (move toward 4:30)
(Wall 2 starts at 6:00, turn 1/4 left to 4:30 and start with count 1- left forward rock)

TAG: 8 count tag: After wall 3 (12:00), dance it twice. After wall 6 (12:00), dance it once.
1-8L wizard, R wizard, L rock forward, recover, ½ turn left forward L, forward R
1,2&L to left diagonal, R lock behind, L to left diagonal
3,4&R to right diagonal, L lock behind, R to right diagonal
Arms: On counts 1-4, roll fists around each other at chest level (lyrics “faster and faster”)
5,6,7,8Rock L forward, recover to R starting ½ left, finish ½ turn step forward L, forward R (6:00)
The tag ends square with a wall. Make ⅛ turn left to start the dance on the left diagonal.

Ending “funnel”: Complete counts 1-10 starting at 6:00 then add counts 19-24. From the ½ turn left (ct. 10), point R, (ct. 19) and continue through to the knee twist.

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