La Veo Caminar CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Wil Bos (NL), Hyunji Chung (KOR) & Colin Ghys (Bel) – December 2019
La Veo Caminar by Bengro Garcia, Calow

Info: Intro 64 counts (start on vocals)

Point Right, Close Beside, Point Left, Close beside, Scuff fwd, Step On Place, Touch Behind Walk Back L, Walk Back R, Hip Back (Down) , Hip Fwd (up), Hip Back (Down)
1&2&RF. Point to right - RF. Close beside LF - LF. Point to left – LF. Close beside RF
3&4RF. Scuff fwd - RF. Step fwd – LF. Touch back behind right heel
5-6LF. Walk Back - RF. Walk back
7&8LF. Step back & hip down – RF. Recover & R hip up – LF. Recover & L hip down

Out, Out, Coaster step Cross, Side Rock L, Recover, Close Beside R, Step R, Touch,
1-2RF. Step out - LF. Step out
3&4RF. Step back – LF. Close beside RF – RF. Cross over LF
5-6&LF. Side rock L - RF. Recover – LF. Close beside RF
7-8RF. Step R - LF. Touch beside RF

Chasse ¼ Turn L, Change Turn L, Cross Samba, Cross Over, Point
1&2LF. Step L - RF. Close beside LF - LF. ¼ turn L step fwd (9:00)
3-4RF. Step fwd – LF&RF. Make ½ turn left (3:00)
5&6RF. Cross over LF - LF. Step L - RF. Recover
7-8LF. Cross over RF - RF. Point R

Modified Sailor Step ½ Turn R, ¼ Diamond Step R, 1/8 Coaster Step R, Side Rock Cross
1&2RF. Cross behind LF - LF. ¼ turn R step back – RF. ¼ turn R step fwd (9:00)
3&4LF. Cross over RF – RF. Step diagonal back – LF. Step back (7.30)
5&6RF. Step back 1/8 turn L – LF. Close beside RF – RF. Cross over LF (6:00)
7&8LF. Side rock L – RF. Recover – LF. Cross over RF

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Wil Bos - - Netherlands
Hyunji Chung - - South Korea
Colin Ghys - - Belgium