Jean-Pierre Madge (CH) - January 2020
Mesdames & messieurs - Rina Cabera

Step, Touch, Step, Touch, Step Together Step, Cross, Back, ¼ Ball Cross, Flick.
1&Step R back to R diagonal (1), Touch L next R (&),
2&Step L back to L diagonal (2), Step R back (&),
3&4Step R back to R diagonal (3), Step L next R (&), Step R back to R diagonal (4)
Styling : when you step back, try to do little steps and bend your knees, open them when you step back and close them when you Touch (dancehall style!)
5-6Cross L over R (5), Step R back (6),
&7-8¼ L Step L to L (&), Cross R over L (7) Flick L to L and Snap R hand over your head (8).

Rock ½ L, Rock ¼ R, Cross shuffle and Behind and Cross.
1&2Rock L forward (1), Recover (&) ½ L Step L forward (2)
3&4Rock R forward (3), Recover (&), ¼ R Step R to R (4),
5&6Cross L over R (5), R to R (&), Cross L over R (6),
&7&8R to R (&), Cross L behind R (7), R to R (&) Cross L over R (8).

Chassé ¾ R, ½ pivot L, Step Turn Step, Jump.
1&2&3&4Chassé R to R making a ¾ R (1&2&3&4)
5Pivot ½ L Step L forward (5)
6&7Step R forward (6) ½ L Step L forward (&) Step R forward (7)
8Jump forward with feet together (8).

Step, Rock and Cross, Side, Behind, Rock and Lock Unwind ½ .
1-2&3Step R forward (1), Rock L to L (2), Recover (&), Cross L over R (3)
4-5Step R to R (4), Step L behind R (5),
6&7Rock R to R (6), Recover (&), Lock R behind L (&),
8As R is locked behind L, unwind ½ (8) your weight is on L to start the dance again.

Start the dance again and put your own style ;) Be you !
For more info : jean-pierremm@bluewin.ch