Walk Me Home and Stay CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Lesley Rands-Bennetto – January 2020
Walk Me Home by Pink

Start on lyrics, 16 counts into music

Section 1 – Walk x 2, ball step, walk x 2, ½ turn L, full turn L
1, 2 &3, 4Step R then L, bring R to left foot, step L, R
5, 6, 7& 8Swivel ½ turn to left (6:00), step R, full turn to right stepping left, right, left
(Non turning option, left shuffle)

Section 2 – Ball step, rock recover, back sweep x 2, R coaster, step ¼ R
&1, 2 &3, 4Bring R to left foot, left rock forward, recover onto R, back on L, back on R sweep L, back on L sweep R
5&6, 7, 8R coaster step, step L, ¼ turn R, weight onto R (9:00)

Section 3 – L cross shuffle, R side rock, recover ¼ , 1 ¼ turn L
1&2, 3, 4L cross over R, R side step, L cross over R, side rock onto R, recover as you ¼ turn L (6:00)
5&6&7, 8Full turn over L shoulder stepping right, left, right, step L, step R as you ¼ turn L, weight onto L (3:00)
(Non turning option from count 3,
3, 4side rock onto R, recover onto L
5&6&7, 8step R behind L, ¼ turn to L, step R, bring L to R, step R, ¼ turn L)

Section 4 – R cross, L back
1, 2Step R over left, step L back

Restart During wall 4 (facing 3 o’clock), dance first 9 counts, step onto left instead of rock, restart dance from beginning
Tag 1 End of wall 8 (facing 12 o’ clock), sway right, left
Tag 2 End of wall 9 (facing 3 o’ clock), hold for 1 count, then restart as usual
Dance finishes on front wall after the sweeps

Choreographer notes: dedicated to my mum who died the same day I finished the dance, 8th May 2019.
Contact: count2eight-linedancing@live.co.uk