We'll Be Your Santa (aka I'll Be Your Santa)

Belén Márquez (ES) & Tony García - January 2019
We Were by Keith Urban (ft Eric Church)

Count-in: 16 counts
Note: Restart on wall 3 & 6 after count 16

Section 1 [1-8] Cross/Rock-recover (sweep), Full Turn (with triple step), walk fwd, cross shuffle
1-2Cross/Rock R over L, recover and sweep R since front to back
3&4Triple step R-L-R making a full turn to the right side and sweep L since back to front
5-6Step L forward and Sweep R, step R forward and sweep L
7&8Cross shuffle L-R-L (1.00)

Section 2 [9-16] Rock-recover, behind-side-cross/rock, recover-side-cross/rock
1-2Rock R forward, recover
3&4Cross R behind L, step L to side, cross/rock R over L (11.00)
5&6Recover, Step R to side, Cross/rock L over R (1.00)
7&8Recover, Step I to sede, Cross R over L (11.00)
*Restart Here On Wall 3 & 6

Section 3 [17-24] Together, fwd, point, turn ¼ L, sweep turn ¼ L, cross shuffle with sweep x 3 (R-L-R)
&1Step L next to R, Step R forward (11.00),
2-3Touch L toe to the left side (12.00), Turn ¼ L (9.00)
4&5Turn ¼ L and sweep R since back to front and cross shuffle R-L-R (6.00)
5&7Sweep L since back to front and cross shuffle L-R-L
8&1Sweep R since back to front and cross shuffle R-L-R

Section 4 [25-32] Unwind ¾ L, sweep, behind-side-cross, step, slide, Full turn (with triple step)
2Turn ¾ L (9.00) and sweep L since front to back
3&4Cross L behind R, step R to side, Cross L over R
5-6Step R side, slide L next to R
7&8Turn ¼ L and Step L forward, turn ½ L and step R back, turn ¼ L and step L to side