Superstition Boogie

Easy Improver
Jon Grubb - January 2020
"Superstition" by Stevie Wonder

Start at vocals. Music available at iTunes and Amazon.

[1-8] Touch, Touch, Sailor-step. Touch, Touch, Sailor-step.
1-2Touch R forward, touch R to right side.
3&4Step R behind L, step L slightly out to left, step R in place.
5-6Touch L forward, touch L to left side.
7&8Step L behind R, step R slightly out to right, step L in place.

[9-16] Hip Walks Forward, Back, Back, Coaster step.
1&2Step R diagonally forward R bumping hips right, left, right.
3&4Step L diagonally forward L bumping hips left, right, left.
5-6Step R back, step L back.
7&8Step R back, step L back, step R forward.

[17-24] Cross Tap, Cross Tap, Left turning Jazz Square.
1-2Step L over R, Tap R to right side.
3-4Step R over L, Tap L to left side.
5-6Step L across R, Step R behind L.
7-8Step L 1/4 turn to left, tap R next to L facing 9:00.

[25-32] Tap Out, Tap In, Slide, Tap Out, Tap In, Slide.
1-2Tap R out to right, Tap R next to L.
3-4Step R out to right, Slide L next to R.
5-6Tap L out to left, Tap L next to R.
7-8Step L out to the left, Slide R next to L.

Start again at new wall.

Last Update – 23 Jan. 2020 -R2