Am I Amarillo

Gaye Teather (UK) - January 2020
Am I Amarillo - Aaron Watson : (CD: Red Bandana)

Track available from iTunes, Amazon etc
With thanks to David and Sue Ball for recommending this music to me
#16 count intro

Forward rock. Shuffle half turn Right. Step. Pivot half turn Right. Skate x 2
1 – 2Rock forward on Right. Recover onto Left
3&4Shuffle half turn Right stepping Right. Left. Right
5 – 6Step forward on Left. Pivot half turn Right (12 o’clock)
7 – 8Skate forward on Left. Skate forward on Right

Left cross rock. Chasse quarter turn Left. Right Rocking chair
1 – 2Cross rock Left over Right. Recover onto Right
3&4Step Left to Left side. Step Right beside Left. Quarter turn Left stepping forward on Left (9 o’clock)
5 – 6Rock forward on Right. Recover onto Left
7 – 8Rock back on Right. Recover onto Left

Step forward. Sweep. Weave quarter turn Right. Step. Pivot quarter turn Right
1 – 2Step Right foot forward and slightly across Left. Sweep Left from back to front
3 – 4Cross step Left over Right. Step Right to Right side
5 – 6Cross Left behind Right. Quarter turn Right stepping forward on Right
7 – 8Step forward on Left. Pivot quarter turn Right (3 ‘clock)

Diagonal cross. Hitch. Back. Side. Left cross rock. Back rock
1 – 2Step Left across Right to Right diagonal. Hitch Right knee
3 – 4Step back on Right. Step Left to Left side (straightening up to 3 o’clock)
5 – 6Cross rock Right over Left. Recover onto Left
7 – 8Sweep Right foot out rocking back on Right. (pull Right shoulder back as you rock back). Recover onto Left

Start again

Tags: Both occur at the end of walls 4 and 8 (You will be facing front both times)
Tag 1: (12 counts)
Forward rock. Shuffle back. Back rock. Shuffle forward
1 – 2Rock forward on Right. Recover onto Left
3&4Step back on Right. Step Left beside Right. Step back on Right
5 – 6Rock back on Left. Recover onto Right
7&8Step forward on Left. Step Right beside Left. Step forward on Left

Jazz box
9-12Cross Right over Left. Step back on Left. Step Right to Right side. Step forward on Left

Tag 2: (4 counts)
Just dance the Jazz box (steps 9-12 of tag 1)