Blinding Lights

David LECAILLON (FR) - January 2020
Blinding Lights - The Weeknd

Start 48 count on lyric « call »

section 1 : rock Right forward, rock right back, step Right forward , hold, step left forward ½ turn right
1-2step Rf forward, recover onto Lf
3-4step Rf back, recover onto Lf
5-6step Rf forward , hold
7-8step Lf forward , pivot ½ turn on Right 6:00

section 2 : step Left forward , hold , full turn on Left, step touch , step touch
1-2step Lf forward, hold
3-4½ turn Left step Rf back, ½ turn Left step Lf forward
5-6step Rf on R side , touch L point next to Rf
7-8step Lf on L side , touch R point next to Lf

section 3 : scissor step Right , hold, ¼ tunr Right step Left back , ¼ turn Rightstep Right on right side, cross Left over Right , hold
1-2-3-4step Rf on R side, step Lf next to Rf, cross Rf over L, hold
5-6-7-8¼ turn R step Lf back , ¼ turn R step Rf on R side, cross Lf over R , hold 12:00

section 4 : step Right on Right side, behind, ¼ trn Right step Right forward, hold,rock Left forward ¼ turn Right , cross Left over Right
1-2-3-4step Rf on side, cross Lf behind R , ¼ turn Right step Rf forward, hold 3:00
5-6-7-8step Lf forward ¼ turn Right recover onto Right, cross Lf over Rf , hold 6:00

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