Ride It EZ CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

David LECAILLON / February 2020
« Ride it » by REGARD

intro 32 counts

section 1 : rock Right fwd , coaster step Right , rock Lelt fwd, coaster step Left
1-2step Rf foward , recover onto Lf
3&4step Rf back , step LF next to Rf , step Rf foward
5-6step Lf foward , recover onto Rf
3&4step Lf back, step Rf next to Lf, step Lf foward

section 2 : rock Right & cross , rock Left &cross, triple side Right, rock Left back
1&2step Rf on Right side, recover onto Lf, cross Rf over Lf
3&4step Lf on Left side , recover onto Rf, cross Lf over Rf
5&6step Rf on Right side , step Lf next to Rf, step Rf on Right side
7-8step Lf back , recover onto Rf

section3 : step side, cross , triple left ¼ turn left , step , ¼ turn Left , triple cross
1-2step Lf on Left side, cross Rf behind Lf
3&4¼ turn Left step Lf foward, step Rf next to Lf, step Lf foward 9:00
5-6step Rf foward, ¼ turn Left 6:00
7&8cross Rf over Lf, step Lf on Left side, cross Rf over Lf

section 4 : Rock Left side, triple cross Right, step ½ turn Left, step ½ turn Left
1-2step Lf on Left side,recover onto Rf
3&4cross Lf over Rf, step Rf on Right side, cross Lf over Rf
5-6step Rf foward, ½ turn Left 12:00
7-8step Rf foward, ½ turn Left 6:00

start again with smile