Guylaine Bourdages (FR) & Suzie Hébert - Feburary 2020
Nightfall By: Little Big Town. Album: Nightfall

Intro: 16 counts

[1-8] (RF) Monterey Turn 1/4R with syncopated Rock Step to Left and cross (RF) Side, (LF) Together, (RF) Scissor step
1-2Point RF to right, 1/4R, RF beside LF
3&4LF to left, Recover on RF, LF cross in front of RF
5-6RF to right, LF beside RFRF cross in front of LG

[9-16] Rock Step LF to Left, LF beside RF, Rock Step RF to Right, RF beside LF, Rock Step LF Forward, LF beside RF, Walk Forward RF
1-2&LF to left, Recover on RF, LF beside RF
3-4&RF to right, Recover on LF, RF beside LF
5-6&LF forward, Recover on RF, LF beside RF
7-8RF forward, LF forward
Restart here on wall 4 (facing12h)

[17-24] Rock Step RF Forward, Shuffle 1/2R, LF forward Step Turn 1/2R, Shuffle Forward
1-2RF forward, Recover on LF
3&41/4R, RF to right, LF beside RF, 1/4R RF forward
5-6LF forward, 1/2R, Transfer weight on RF
7&8LF forward, RF beside LF, LF forward

[25-32] RF Kick Ball Step, Walk Forward R,L, RF Syncopated Rocking Chair, RF forward, LF beside RF
1&2Kick RF forward, Ball of RF beside LF, LF forward
3-4Walk forward R,L
5&6&RF forward, Recover on LF, RF back, Recover on LF
7-8RF forward, LF beside LF

RESTART ON WALL 4 after 16 counts facing12H

 It was a big joy to write this dance with my friend Suzie Hébert and also to teach it first to the dancers of La Tuque (Québec Canada). Have FUN ! Guylaine & Suzie