Tip of My Tongue (P)

Beginner / Intermediate Partner
Steve Carlson - February 2020
Tip of My Tongue - Kenny Chesney

Please note that the steps are essentially the same for both male and female parts until the last part of the third 8 count. The last 8 count is easily done by each partner as the first 4 counts are steps for the male part, with the female part simply changing hand position while not moving the feet at all. Then the last four counts of the dance are the male part signaling the female part through one and a half turns returning to the circle dance starting position.

[1st 8 count] Left step, right Lock, left lock step, then right step, left lock, and right lock step
( same for both partners)
1 & 2Step Left , and lock right foot behind left heel
3 & 4Left Lock step forward (Left, right lock behind left heel, Left step forward )
5,& 6Step Right, and lock left foot behind right heel
7 & 8Right Lock step forward ( Right, left lock behind right heel, Right step forward )

[ 2nd 8 Count, 9-16 ] Sway Left, then right, left , then right with your partner ( same for both) Shuffle to the Left and right sailor step
1,2,3,4Sway left, sway right, sway left, sway right
5 &6, 7, 8Shuffle to left , then right sailor step

[ 3rd 8 Count, 17-24 ] Right shuffle , left sailor behind, Triple step and half turn for Female part
1 & 2,Right shuffle ( Right, Left Right )
3, 4Left sailor step
5 & 6, 7 ,8[ M ] Left triple step for the lead part then pause ( Left hand from sweetheart position raises over head to cross over right hand hold)
5 & 6, 7 ,8[ F ] 5 & 6, 7 , 8. Left Triple step, right foot behind left into natural half turn led by male part

[ 4th 8 Count, 25-32 ] Right Step for lead part and full turn back to female, Lead raises right hand and signals female through one and a half turns to face home position in circle.
1, 2[M] Right step half turn for the lead part raising both hands over head,
3, 4[M] Right step half turn for the lead part completing full turn back to partner ( back of the right hand on top facing the ceiling, with the left hand hold on the bottom, male palm facing up )
5, 6, 7, 8[M] Right hand raises and signals female through one and a half turns to face home(no step)
5,6, 7, 8[F]Right step half turn and then spin on the left foot into a full turn, completing the one and a half turns led by male part.

Repeat dance & have fun! Note this dance starts with the left foot moving first. Partner dance in a circle pattern.
Enjoy the dance! Comments appreciated. Cowboy Steve is available for dance workshops and guest choreographer invitations; Please email to: cowboystevelinedance@gmail.com
I hope you enjoy this dance and song as much as I do. Thank You for your feedback!