Siggi Güldenfuß (DE) - Feburary 2020
Kacey Musgraves – Biscuits

Abbreviations: RF = Right Foot, LF = Left Foot, RH = Right Heel, LH = Left Heel

S1. Section: Heel Strut (Strut with Clap) right/ left, Heel, Hook, Heel, Coasterstep, Side Point, Touch, Side Point
1&tip w/ RH in front, RF down while clapping hands
2&tip w/ LH in front, LF down while clapping hands
3&4tip w/ RH in front, bend RF in front of left leg, tip w/ RH in front
5&6 1 step back w/ RF, LF next to RF, RF 1 step in front
7&8tip outside w/ left toes, tip next to RF w/ LF, tip again outside w/ left toes

S2. Section: Behind, Side, Cross, Side, Flick, Side, Hook, Step Lock Step, Rockstep, Side with ¼ Turn
1&2LF behind RF, RF step to side, LF crossing RF
3&RF step to side, bend LF behind RF
4&LF steps outside, RF bends in front of LF
Restart: cancel in round 7 (at 6 o’clock) and restart
5&6RF step in front, cross LF behind RF, RF step in front
7&8LF step in front, balance back on RF, LF step to side w/ ¼ left turn

S3. Section: Cross & Heel right/ left, Rockstep, Rockback, Stomp
1&2RF crossing LF, LF step to side, RH tips in front
&3RF next to LF, LF crossing RF
&4RF step to side, LH tips in front
&5-6LF next to RF, 1 step in front w/ RF and balance back on LF
7&8step backwards w/ RF, balance back on LF, stomp w/ RF next to LF

S4. Section: Heel & Heel, 2x Stomp right, Rockback, Stomp, Rockback, Stomp
1&RH tipping in front, RF next to LF
2&LH tipping in front, LF next to RF
3-4stomp twice w/ RF next to LF
Restart: cancel in round 3 (at 9 o’clock) and restart
5&6step backwards w/ RF, balance back on LF (slightly jumping), stomp w/ RF next to LF
7&8repeat 5&6

Bridge (at the end of round 1 and round 4): Step, Step
1-2step w/ RF on the spot, step w/ LF on the spot

Dance, Have Fun & Smile!