One More Remedy

David Chamberlain (UK) - March 2020
Love Remedy - Roachford

Intro: 32 counts

Section 1: Kick step point, kick step point, sailor half turn, quarter turn flick, shuffle forward.
1&2 –Kick right foot, step right slightly forward, point left to left side
3&4 –Kick left foot, step left slightly forward, point right to right side
5&6 –Cross right behind left, ¼ turn over right shoulder (3:00) stepping left next to right, ¼ over right shoulder (6:00) stepping right to side side.
7, 8&1 –Quarter turn left (3:00) taken the weight on to the left while flick the right foot up behind, Step forward Right, close left beside right, step forward right

Section 2: Step forward , mambo fwd step back , touch back half turn , kick and step quarter turn cross.
2 –Step forward onto left foot
3&4 –Rock right foot forward recover weight on to left, step right foot back
5, 6 –Touch left foot back, half turn over the left shoulder (9:00) taken the weight on to left
7&8 –Kick right foot forward, step right slightly forward, cross left foot over the right foot making a quarter turn left (6:00)

Section 3: Side step with hips bumps, Sailor quarter turn, step drag touch quarter turn, step drag touch quarter turn.
1& 2 –Bump hips to right side while taking the right to right side, bump hips left, bump hips right.
3&4 -Cross the left behind right, quarter turn over left shoulder (3:00) stepping right next to left, step forward left.
5,6 –Step forward right making quarter turn over left shoulder (12:00),drag left to right and touch.
7,8 –Step forward left making quarter turn over left shoulder (9:00),drag right to left and touch.

Section 4: Walk forward, walk forward, anchor step, walk back sweep, walk back sweep, sailor step.
1,2 –Walk forward right, walk forward left.
3,4 –Lock Right behind left. Step weight onto left. Step slightly back on Right.
5,6 –Step back left sweep right out, step back right sweep left out
7&8Step left behind right, step right out to right side, step left to left side,

End of dance