I Want You Love

Wandy Hidayat (INA) - April 2020
Shape of You (P.A.F.F. x Salvatore Ganacci Remix) - Ed Sheeran

No Tag And No Restart
Intro: 16 count

Rocking Chair, ½ Turn L, Hip Roll, Back, Back
1&2Step R forward, recover on L, step R backward
&3-4Recover on L, step R forward, ½ turn L and body weight on R (6:00)
5-6Hip roll to right (clock wise)
7-8Step L back and bend R, step R back and bend L

Forward, ½ Turn L, Lock shuffle, Side, Close, Side, Close
1-2Step L forward, ½ turn L stepping R back (12:00)
3&4Step L back, step R over L, step L back
5&6Step R to side, recover on L, close R beside L
7&8Step L to side, recover on R, close L beside R

Prissy Walk, Chasse, Turn, Slide
1-2Step R forward over L, step L forward over R
3&4Step R to side, close L beside R, step R to side
5-6¼ Turn R stepping L forward, ¼ turn R stepping R forward
7-8½ Turn R making big L to side, drag R to L

Samba Whisk, Paddle Turn
1&2Step R to side, step L behind R, step R in place
3&4Step L to side, step R behind L, step L in place
5-6¼ Turn L touch R forward, ¼ turn L touch R forward
7-8¼ Turn L touch R forward, touch R beside L (3:00)

Enjoy the dance.

Contact: hidayatwandi73@gmail.com