Polaroid Line Dance

Natalie Boyle (USA) - April 2020
Polaroid, by Keith Urban. UMG Recordings, Inc.

Sec 1: Step Right, Kick left Forward, Coaster step left, Step Rt touch left foot, Step left Touch Rt foot
1 - 2Step Right, Kick left foot forward
3&4Coaster step - left behind, step Rt, step left next to Rt
5&6Step Rt side, touch left foot together
7 - 8Step Left side, touch Rt foot together

Sec 2: Step Rt foot, Flick left foot behind Rt on forward diagonal, Step Left foot, Flick Rt behind left Fwd diagonal, Step Rt Flick left behind Rt back diagonal, Step left, ¼ turn left Flick Rt foot behind Left
1&2&Step Rt, Flick left foot behind Rt on forward diagonal
3&4&Step Left, Flick Rt foot behind left on Diagonal
5 - 6Step Rt, Flick left behind Rt back diagonal
7&8Step Left, ¼ turn, Flick Rt behind left

Sec 3: Vine to the Right, Vine left, ¼ turn left, brush Rt heel
1 - 2Step Rt, Left foot behind Rt
3 - 4Step Rt, Step left beside Rt
5 - 6Step Left, Rt foot behind Left
7 - 8Step Left, ¼ turn left, Brush Rt heel

Sec 4: Right foot Rock forward, Recover, Rock back, Recover, Step Right ½ turn, Step Rt ½ turn
1 - 2Rt foot Rock forward Recover weight to left
3&4Rt foot Rock back, Recover weight to left
5-6Step Rt, ½ turn
7&8Step Rt, ½ turn

Note: Can Add Clap to the Side step touches and Clap on the Step Flick combo