Sunshine and Moonlight

Rhoda Lai (CAN) - March 2020
I Love You - Maejor, Greeicy

Intro: 32 counts - No Tags! No Restarts!

S1: L Cross Toe Strut, R Side Strut, L Jazz Box, Hold
12Touch L toes to R diagonal. drop L heel in place
34Touch R toes to R side, drop R heel in place
5678Cross L over R, step back R, step L to L side, hold

S2: R Jazz Box, L Cross, R Big Side Step, L Back Rock
1234Cross R over L, step back L, step R to R side, cross L over R
56Take a big step R to R side, drag L towards R
78Rock L behind R, recover onto R

S3: L Side Strut, R Cross Toe Strut, Curvy Walk L, R, L for ½ L
12Touch L toes to L side, drop L heel in place
34Touch R toes to L diagonal, drop R heel in place
5678Walk L, R, L on a curve for a ½ L, hold (6:00)

S4: R Forward Mambo, Hold, L Back Rock, L Forward Pivot ¼ R
1234Rock forward R, recover onto L, step back R, hold
56Rock back L, recover onto R
78Step L forward, pivot ¼ R (9:00)

Ending: During wall 13, the music slows down. Just follow the beats and continue dancing until the end of S2.


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Last Update - 14 Mar 2022