Be Patient

Duma Kristina S (INA) & Lily Kho (INA) - May 2020
Gotta Be Patient - Michael Bublé, Barenaked Ladies & Sofía Reyes

Tag 1 : after wall 4 (4count)
Tag 2 : after wall 7 (2count)
Restart: on wall 5 after 24 count

Section 1. Rocking chair, side mambo, hold
1-2Rock R forward (1), recover on L (2) 12.00
3-4Rock R back(3), recover on L(4) 12.00
5-6Rock R side(5), recover on L(6) 12.00
7-8Step R together(7), hold(8) 12.00

Section 2. Rocking chair, mambo cross, hold
1-2Rock L forward(1), recover on R(2) 12.00
3-4.Rock L back(3), recover on R(4) 12.00
5-6Rock L side(5), recover on R(6) 12.00
7-8.Cross L over R(7), hold(8) 12.00

Section 3. Side, together, side touch, Turn 1/4 Left, side, together, side, hold
1-2Step R to side(1), step L together(2) 12.00
3-4.Step R to side(3), step touch on L beside R(4) 12.00
5-6.1/4 turn L step L to side(5), step R together(6) 9.00
7-8.Step L to side(7), hold(8) 9.00
* Restart here on wall 5 after 24 count

Section 4. Rock cross behind, hold, forward
1-2Rock R cross behind(1), recover on L(2) 9.00
3-4.Step R to side(3), hold(4) 9.00
5-6Rock L cross behind(5), recover on R(6) 9.00
7-8.Step L forward(7), hold(8) 9.00

Tag 1 (4count) Step R to side, rolling hips clockwise circle
1-4Step R to side, roll hips clockwise circle. Ending weight on L(on count 4)

Tag 2 (2count) Sway R/L
1-2Sway R(1), sway L(2)

Be patient my friends, stay at home, keep healthy, enjoy this dance

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