Aquí se va

Angels H. Guix (ES) & Enric Nonell (ES) - May 2020
Aquí Se Va - Manny Cruz : (Album: Single - 3:10 - Energetic option, No tag or restart)

Imaginarme sin ti by Elvis Crespo. Album: Single. Length: 3’56’’ Bpm: 120 (Slow gentle option, it has two easy re-start)

Restart: There are two restart for Elvis Crespo music option, 3rd and 7th repetition restarts after count 8.

[1-8] Walk forward, step together, walk backward, step together
1,2Step RF forward, step LF forward
3,4Step RF forward, step LF together
5,6Step RF backward, step LF backward
7,8Step RF backward, step LF together
*Restart here on the 3rd and 7th repetition for Elvis Crespo music option

[9-16] Step forward, touch in place, cross, step backward, step backward, touch in place, cross, step backward
1,2Step RF forward, touch toe of LF in place (as option: add a left hip bump on time 2)
3,4Cross LF over RF, step RF backward
5,6Step LF backward, touch toe of RF in place (as option: add a right hip bump on time 6)
7,8Cross RF over LF, step LF backward

[17-24] Walk to right side, touch LF to left, walk to left side, touch RF to right
1,2Step RF to right, cross LF over RF
3,4Step RF to right, touch LF to left
5,6Step LF to left, cross RF over LF
7,8Step LF to left, touch RF to right

[25-32] ¾ turn Walk around doing “walk walk shuffle” twice
1,21/8 turn right and step RF forward, 1/8 turn right and step LF forward
3&4Step RF forward, step LF together, step RF forward (¼ turn around a circle during this shuffle)
5,61/8 turn right and step LF forward, 1/8 turn right and step RF forward
7&8Step LF forward, step RF together, step LF forward

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Last Update – 21 Oct. 2020-R3