Sleeping Single In A Double Bed (Short)

Kevin Richards - June 2020
Sleeping Single In A Double Bed - Barbara Mandrell & Dave Aude Remix

[1-8] R Side Shuffle, L Rock Recover, L Side Shuffle ¼ R, R Rock Recover
1&2Right Side Shuffle (R-L-R)
3-4Left Rock Back, Right Recover
5&6Left Side Shuffle while making a ¼ Right (L-R-L)
7-8Right Rock Back, Left Recover- Now Facing 3 O’Clock

[9-16] R Step, L Scuff, L Mambo, R Step Back, L Toe Tap, L Shuffle Forward
1-2Right Step Forward, Left Scuff Forward
3&4Left Rock Forward, Right Recover Back, Left Step Together
5-6Right Step Back, Left Toe Tap in Front of Right
7&8Left Shuffle Forward (L-R-L)

[17-24] R Step Forward, Pivot 1/2 L, R Side Shuffle 1/4 L, L Rock Recover, L Step, R Touch Across
1-2Right Step Forward, Pivot ½ Left- Now Facing 9 O’Clock
3&4Right Side Shuffle while making a ¼ Left (R-L-R)- Now Facing 6 O’Clock
5-6Left Rock Back, Recover Right
7-8Left Step Forward At Angle Left, Right Toe Tap Across Left and Snap

[25-32] R Step, L Touch Behind, L Step, R ¼ Hitch, R Shuffle, L Out, R Out, L In
1-2Right Step Back At Angle Right, Left Toe Tap Behind Right and Snap
3-4Left Step To Left Side, Right Hitch ¼ Right- Now Facing 9 O’Clock
5&6Right Shuffle Forward (R-L-R)
7&8Left out, Right out, Left In

(*For Experienced/Intermediate Line Dancers, you may want to try the Original ‘Long’ Version-
Sleeping Single In A Double Bed, 64 Count, 2 Wall, Intermediate Line Dance-Choreographed May 2020)