All I Want

Easy Beginner
Sophia KSF (MY) - June 2020
Love On Top - Beyoncé

Dance starts with the second “Honey” in the lyric

SECTION 1: RF diagonal forward, stepping LF together, repeat on LF, RF diagonal back, stepping LF together, repeat on LF (optional : add body roll as you do the last 4 counts)
1RF step diagonally forward right
2LF step next to RF
3LF step diagonally forward left
4RF step next to LF
5RF step diagonally back right
6LF step next to RF
7LF step diagonally back left
8RF step next to LF

SECTION 2: Grape Vine to the right and left with ¼ turn left
1RF to right
2LF cross behind RF
3RF to right
4LF touch next to RF
5LF to left
6RF cross behind LF
7LF to left with ¼ left turn
8RF touch next to LF

SECTION 3: RF to right, touch LF behind RF. LF to left, touch RF behind LF. RF forward, point LF to left, LF forward, point RF to right.
1RF to right
2Touch LF behind RF
3LF to left
4Touch RF behind LF
5RF forward
6Point LF to left
7LF forward
8Point RF to right

SECTION 4: RF back, point LF to left, LF back, point RF to right. Sway hips right and left
1Step back on RF
2Point LF to left
3Step back on LF
4Point RF to right
5Step on RF, sway hip to right
6Sway hip to left
7Sway hip to right
8Sway hip to left

There Is No Tag No Restart