She Drives Me Crazy

High Beginner
Christie Lim (MY) and Peter Reber (SA) June 2020
She Drives Me Crazy – Fine Young Cannibals

Suggested styling in [square brackets]
Dance starts facing 06:00 with 32 count Intro

Intro 1 Out, Out, R arm up and slow down, 1/2 Turn with point, Drag RF in
& 1 2Out, Out and stretch Right arm straight up, Start to lower Right hand (RH)
3 4Continue to lower RH to shoulder height, twisting wrist quickly
5 61/2 turn L pointing RF wide right RH on R thigh, Hold
7 8Close RF and touch next to LF

Intro 2 Walk, Step, Arm sweep (x2)
1 2Walk RF, Step LF next to RF
3 4Stretch R arm (RA) horizontally fwd [move hand right while flicking hand outwards]
5 6Walk LF (RA down), Step RF next to LF
7 8Stretch L arm (LA) horizontally fwd [move hand left while flicking hand outwards]

Intro 3 Full turn, Twist shoulders with flicking hands
1 2(LA down) 1/4 turn R step RF fwd, 1/2 turn R step LF next to RF
3 41/4 turn R step on RF, LF next to RF
5 6Twist shoulders R and L (between 12:00 and 01:30) with the beat while flicking hands fwd and outwards at hip level
7 8Twist shoulders R with hand flicks 2 times

Intro 4 Full turn, Rotate shoulders with flicking arms
1 21/4 turn L step LF fwd, 1/2 turn L step RF next to LF
3 41/4 turn L step on LF, RF next to LF
5 6Twist shoulders L and R (between 12:00 and 10:30) with the beat
[while flicking hands fwd and outwards at hip level]
7 8Twist shoulders L with hand flicks 2 times

Main dance

Sec 1 Point fwd, Side, Back, Side, 1/4 Turn, 1/2 Turn, Step fwd, Heel bounce
1 2RF point fwd across LF, RF point side
[Right arm across and down like cutting a bush (1), RA to side]
3 4RF point diagonally behind LF, RF point R
[Both arms straight up (3), Arms down next to body (4)]
5 61/4 turn L step RF fwd (09:00), 1/2 turn L (03:00)
7 & 8step RF fwd, lift both heels, drop heels

Sec 2 Out, Out, Twist shoulders (x2) and hitch RF, Camel Walk
& 1RF out, LF out
2 3Twist shoulder (x2) with 1/8 turns R/L (03:00)
4Turn 1/8 R hitching R knee (4:30)
5 6Turn 1/8 R step on RF (06:00) dragging LF next to RF lifting heel, Step on LF dragging RF next to LF lifting heel
7 8Step on RF dragging LF next to RF lifting heel, Step on LF dragging RF next to LF lifting heel

Sec 3 Side, Point behind (x2), Kick ball fwd, Heel bounce with 1/8 turn (x2)
1 2Step RF to side, LF point back across R leg
[Left arm up (1), Down (2)]
3 4Step LF to side, RF point back across L leg
[Right arm up (3), Down (4)]
5&6Kick RF fwd, Step next to LF, LF step fwd
7 8Heel bounce with 1/8 turn R, Heel bounce with 1/8 turn R (09:00)
[Draw RH across face, palm outwards]

Sec 4 Step side R, Cross, Step side R, Jump Left, Back walk (x4)
1 2Step RF to R, Cross LF over RF
3 4Step RF to R, Small jump with both feet to L
[push both hands to L diagonal fwd (3)]
5 6walk back R, L
7 8walk back R, L
[circling RH next to body at hip level]