Make A Difference

Easy Intermediate
Betty Moses & Gwen Walker – June 2020
'Be A Light by Thomas Rhett (100 bpm approx.)

Intro: 16 counts (on vocals)
Section 1: Step Right, Cross Rock/Recover, Triple ¼ Left, ¾ Pivot, Triple Right
1-3Step R to side, Cross Rock L over R, Recover weight on R
4&5Triple left turning ¼ left 9:00
6-7Step R forward, Pivot ¾ over left shoulder 12:00
8&1Triple right R-L-R
***Wall 3: Restart Here***
SECTION 2: Sway Left/Sway Right , Left Side/Together/Forward, Forward Rock/Recover, Sailor ½ Turn
2-3Sway hips left, Sway hips right
4&5Step L to side, Step R next L, Step L forward
6-7Rock forward on R, Recover weight on L
8&1Right ½ turn sailor step over right shoulder 6:00
SECTION 3: Cross Over, Step Back ¼ Turn, Triple ¼ Turn, Rock Forward/Recover, Sailor ¼ Turn
2-3Cross L over R, Step back on R turning ¼ left 3:00
4&5Triple ½ turn over left shoulder 9:00
6-7Rock Forward on R, Recover weight on L
8&1Right sailor ¼ over right shoulder 12:00
SECTION 4: Rock Forward/Recover, Lock Step Back, Rock Back/Recover, ¼ Left/Step Right to side, Step Left next to Right
2-3Rock forward on L, Recover weight on R
4&5Step back on L, Lock R across L, Step back on L
6-7Rock back on R, Recover weight on L
8&Step R to side turning ¼ left, Step L next to R 9:00

***Wall 7: 2 Count Tag – Sway Right/Sway Left***

*Restart Wall 3: (facing 6) Dance the first 8 counts the of the dance – Restart the dance facing 6

*Tag: At the end of wall 7 - Add 2 counts Sway Right/Sway Left – Restart the dance facing 6

*Ending: On wall 9 (facing 3) Dance Section 1 as written. Section 2: Change counts 6-7 pivot ¼ turn left (facing 12), Change counts 8&1 to Behind/Side/Cross

Enjoy and Dance From The Heart

Betty Moses:
Gwen Walker: