Lina Chia - July 2020
Jay Chow - Mojito (Mojito Spanish Cover)

Intro : 32 Counts
Section 1: Forward rock, Recover, Back Shuffle, Back rock, Recover, Step forward, 1/4 turn, Cross.
1,2,3&4R forward rock, L recover, Step R back, Cross L over R, Step R back.
5,6,7&8L back rock, R recover, L step forward, R 1/4 turn, L cross over R. (3 o'clock).
Section 2: Side rock, Recover, Cross shuffle, point side, flick, Cross shuffle.
1,2,3&4R side rock, L recover, R Cross over L, L step side, R cross over L.
5,6,7&8L point side, L flick, L cross over R, R step side, L cross over R.
Section 3: Side rock, 1/4 turn , Forward shuffle (R,L,R), Step forward, Pivot 1/2 turn, Forward mambo.
1,2,3&4R step rock, L 1/4 turn, Step R forward, Step L behind R, step R forward.
5,6,7&8L step forward, Pivot 1/2 turn R, L step forward, R recover, L step beside ( 6 o'clock).
Section 4: Back rock, Recover, Kick ball point, Forward rock, Recover, Bump x 3.
1,2,3&4R back rock, L recover, R kick, R step, L point to the side.
5,6,7&8L forward rock, R recover, Bump X 3 (L,R,L)
Happy Dancing!
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