Livin' In These Troubled Times

Doris Andersen (DK) & Bente Lasota (DK) - August 2020
Lisa McHugh - Livin'In The Troubled Times (Album: Wildfire( (iTunes)

Intro: 16 Count 2 Restart

Sec. 1 Side Together Shuffle Fwd, Side Together Shuffle Back
1-2Step Right To Right Side, Step Left Next To Right
3&4Step Fwd Right , Left Next To Right, Step Fwd Right
5-6Step Left To Left Side, Step R ight Next To Left
7&8Step Back Left, Stept Right Next To Left, Step Back Left

Sec. 2 Walk Back R & L, Coaster Step,1/4 Turn Cross Shuffle
1-2Walk Back Right, Walk Back Left
3&4Step Back Right, Step Left Next To Right , Step Fwd Right
5-6Step Fwd Left , 1/4 Turn Right,
7&8Cross Left Over Right, Step Right To Right Side, Cross Left Over Right

Sec. 3 Side Rock Behind Side Cross, Side Rock Behind Side 1/4 Turn Fwd Left
1-2Rock Right To Right Side, Recover On Left
3&4Right Behind Left, Left To Left Side, Cross Right Over Left
5-6Rock Left To Left Side, Recover On Right
7&8Left Behind Right, 1/4 Turn Right, Fwd OnLeft

Sec. 4 Step Lock Step Lock Step, Jazzbox 1/4 Turn Touch
1-2Step Fwd Right, Step Left Behind Right
3&4Step Fwd Right , Left Behind Right , Fwd Right
5-6Cross Left Over Right, Step Back Right
7-81/4 Turn Left, Touch Right

Restart :Wall 3 After 8 Count ( 6:00)
Wall 6 After 24 Count ( 6:00)


Last Update - 27 Aug. 2020