Nunu Nana

Phrased Intermediate
Rebecca Lee (MY) & Junghye Yoon (KOR) - August 2020
NUNU NANA (눈누난나) - Jessi

Intro : Start dancing After 32Count (approx. 18 Secs)

Sequence : AAB AAB AB* A
Part B* (40 counts) - Once the dance is finished to Section3,
Dance to Section3 one more time and move on to Section4 (Sec1 – Sec2 - Sec3 - Sec3 - Sec4 / Total 40 counts)

Part A(32 counts)
Sec1: Syncopated V Step , Toes Out, in, Out, In, Out, In Step, Flick, Step, Flick
1 - 2Step RF fwd diagonal R(1), Step LF fwd diagonal L(2)
&3Step RF back (&), Close LF next to RF(3)
&4Both Toes out (&), in(4)
5&6&Both Toes out (5), in(&), out(6), in(&)
7&Step RF fwd diagonal R(7), Flick LF Behind Cross RF(&)
8&Step LF fwd diagonal L(8), Flick RF Behind Cross LF(&)
Sec2: Back, Kick, Sailor Step, Cross, Side, Back rock, Recover, FWD Step
1 - 2Step RF Back(1), Kick LF fwd diagonal L(2)
3&4Step LF behind Cross to RF(3), Step RF side to R(&), Step LF side to L(4)
5 - 6Cross RF over LF(5), Step LF side to L(6)
&7 - 8Rock RF back(&), recover on LF(7), Step RF fwd(8)

Sec3: Toe Out, In, Out, Turn 1/4 L Back Rock, Recover, FWD Step x 2
1&2&RF toe out(1), RF toe in(&), RF toe out(2), RF toe in(&)
3&41/4 turn L rock RF back (3), Recover on LF(&), Step RF fwd(4) (9:00)
5&6&RF toe out(5), RF toe in(&), RF toe out(6), RF toe in(&)
7&81/4 turn L rock RF back (7), Recover on LF(&), Step RF fwd(8) (6:00)
Sec4: Hitch, In place, Side, Kick, Hook, Kick, Side, Touch, Step, Touch, Step, Walk R-L
1&2Hitch LF(1), Step LF in place(&), Step RF side to R(2)
3&Kick LF fwd(3), Hook LF(&)
4&Kick LF fwd (4), Step LF side to L(&)
5&Touch RF next to LF(5), Step RF back diagonal R(&)
6&Touch LF next to RF(6), Step LF back(&)
7 - 8Step RF fwd(7), Step LF fwd(8)

Part B(32 counts)
Sec1: Side, Drag , Sailor Step, Cross, Side, Turn 1/4 R Sailor Step
1 - 2Step RF side to R(1), Drag LF next to RF(2),
3&4Step LF behind cross RF(3), Step RF Side to R(&), Step LF side to L(4)
5 – 6Step RF cross over LF(5), Step LF side to L(6)
7&81/4 Turn R Step RF behind cross LF(7), Step LF Side to L(&), Step RF side to R(8) (9:00)
Sec2: Syncopated FWD Rock Step, FWD, Turn 3/4 L Together, Side, Drag
1 – 2&Rock LF fwd (1), Recover on RF(2), Close LF next to RF(&)
3 – 4&Rock RF fwd (3), Recover on LF(2), Close RF next to LF(&)
5 - 6Step LF fwd(5), Turn 3/4 L close RF next to LF(6) (Turn your knees slightly bent) (6:00)
7 - 8Big Step LF side to L(7), Drag RF next to LF(8)
Sec3: Dorothy Step R-L, Pivot Turn 1/2 L, 1.2 T L Back, Back
1 - 2&Step RF fwd diagonal R(1), Lock LF behind to RF(2), Step RF fwd diagonal R(&)
3 - 4&Step LF fwd diagonal L(3), Lock RF behind to LF(4), Step LF fwd diagonal L(&)
5 - 6Step RF fwd(5), Turn 1/2 L Step LF fwd(6) (12:00)
7 - 8Turn 1/2 L Step RF back(7), Step LF back(8) (6:00)
Sec4: Rock Back, Recover, Rock Side, Recover, Rock FWD, Recover, Back, Together, Hold, Bumping R-L-R
1&2&Rock RF Back (1), Recover on LF(&), Rock RF side(2), Recover on LF(&)
3&4Rock RF fwd(3), Recover on LF(&), Step RF back(4)
5 - 6Close LF next to RF(5), Hold(6)
7&8R-L-R(7&8) *Styling : Shoulder Or Hip Bumping on 7&8 counts

Start dancing again!

Enjoy Dance!

Rebecca Lee:

J (Junghye) Yoon :