Dream To Awakening

Improver NC2S
Rex Chuan (USA) - September 2020
Sarah Chen - Dream To Awakening

Start: after 38 counts, two counts into the vocal. Tags: 1

S1: Night Club, Walk, Hitch, Step, Sailor Step, Walk, Lock, Back
12&.Step RF R(1), L quarter turn and step LF together(2), step RF forward (&)
3&4&.Step LF forward (3), hitch RF(&), hold 4, step RF forward (&)
56&.Jump in R half turn and step LF in place and sweep RF backwards(5), cross RF behind LF(6), step LF L(&)
7&8&.Cross LF(7), lock LF in(&), hold 8, step LF backwards(&) (3:00) up

S2: Back Rock, Recover, Turn & Side, Back, Hook, Forward, Toe, Back, Turn & Back, Turn & Forward, Forward, Pivot Turn, Forward & Turn
12&.Rock RF backwards (1), recover (2), L quarter turn and step RF R(&)
3&4&.Step LF backwards (3), hook RF(&), step RF forward (4), toe LF in place(&)
56&.Step LF backwards(5), L quarter turn and step RF backwards (6), L quarter turn and step LF forward (&)
7&8.Step RF forward(7), swivel L half turn(&), step LF forward(8) and L quarter turn for next step. (9:00)

Tag: Step RF R(1), sway L(2)
Tag is added after the end of wall 2,5,7.

Enjoy the dance!