Don't Have To Be Lonely

Easy Intermediate
Hiroko Carlsson (AUS) - September 2020
Jonas Brothers, Diplo - Lonely (iTunes)

(16 count intro/Starts on lyrics)
[S1] Step-Pivot 1/4R, Fwd Mambo, Behind Rock, Side Rock-Behind-1/4R
1 2Step forward on L, Make a 1/4 turn right recover weight on R (3:00)
3&4Rock forward on L, Recover weight on R, Step L next to R
5 6Rock R behind L, Recover weight on L
7&8&Rock R to the side, Recover weight on L, Step R behind L, Make a 1/4 turn left stepping forward on L (12:00)
[S2] Side Rock, Sailor Step, Touch-Unwind 1/2L, Side Shuffle
1 2Rock R to the side, Recover weight on L
3&4Sweep R around L and stepping R behind L, Step L to the side, Step R to the side
5 6Touch L toe behind R, 1/2L unwind weight ends on L (6:00)
7&8Right side shuffle R-L-R

[S3] Cross Rock, Side w/Drag-Knee Switch, Fwd Rock, Back w/Drag-Knee Switch
1 2Rock L across R, Recover weight on R
3 4&Step L to the side and drag R foot close to L, Step R next to L (pop your L knee), Weight
 switch on L (pop your R knee)
5 6Rock forward on R, Recover weight on L
7 8&Step back on R and drag L foot close to R, Step L next to R (pop your R knee), Weight switch on R (pop your L knee)
[S4] Fwd, Step-Pivot 1/4L, Cross-Back-Monterey 1/2R w/Touch
1 2 3Step forward on L, Step forward on R, Make a 1/4 turn left recover weight on L (3:00)
4&5Cross R over L, Step back on L, Point R to the side
6 7 8Make a 1/2 turn right on ball of L foot and step R close to L, Point L to the side, Touch/bring L next to R (9:00)

The last wall starts at 6:00, dance up to count 16 (12:00).

Please feel free to contact me if you need any further information. (
(updated: 16/Sept/20)