Kings & Queens

Phrased Improver
Sunmi Choo (KOR) - September 2020
Ava Max - Kings & Queens

Intro : Start dancing on vocal 'all' (soon after the music begins)

Sequence : A,B,B,A,B,B(16c),A,B,B,Tag,B,B

*1 Tag and 1 Restart (there is an easy step change!)

Part A(32 Counts)
Sec1: Stomp R, Hold, Stomp L, Hold, Sway R-L-R-L
1 - 4Stomp RF side(1), Hold(2), Stomp LF side(3), Hold(4)
5 - 8Sway R(5), Sway L(6), Sway R(7), Sway L weight on LF(8)
*Arm styling :Stretch right arm outside and up(1-2), stretch left arm outside and up(3-4),
down both arms in the middle(5-8)

Sec2: Rocking Chair, PIVOT ¼ L x2
1 - 2Rock RF fwd(1), Recover onto LF(2)
3 - 4Rock RF back(3), Recover onto LF(4)
5 - 6Step RF fwd(5), Turn ¼ L Recover on LF(6)
7 - 8Step RF fwd(7), Turn ¼ L Recover on LF(8)(6:00)

Sec3-4: Repeat Sec1-2

Part B(32 Counts)
Sec1: Side, Together, Chasse, fwd Touch, side Touch, Turn ¼ L Coaster
1 - 2Step RF side(1), Close LF next to RF(2)
3& 4Step RF side(3), Close LF next to RF(&), Step RF side(4)
5 - 6Touch LF fwd(5), Touch LF side(6)
7& 8Making turn ¼ L step LF back(7), Close RF next to LF(&), Step LF fwd(8)(9:00)
Sec2: Dorothy R-L, Side, Behind, Side, Cross, Side, Touch
1 2&Step RF fwd diagonal R(1), Step LF next to RF(2), Step RF fwd diagonal R(&)
3 4&Step LF fwd diagonal L(3), Step RF next to LF(4), Step LF fwd diagonal L(&)
5 6&Step RF side(5), Step LF behind(6), Step RF side(&)
7& 8Cross LF over RF(7), Step RF side(&), Touch LF next to RF(8)
*Restart here, dance Part A facing 12:00
*Step change on count 8, step LF Together(close LF next to RF)
Sec3: Turn ¼ L, Full Turn L, Shuffle, Rock, Recover, Sailor
1 - 2Turn ¼ L step LF fwd(1), making full turn L weight on RF(2)(6:00)
3& 4Step LF fwd(3), Step RF next to LF(&), Step LF fwd(4)
5 - 6Rock RF fwd(5), Recover onto LF(6)
7& 8Step RF behind(7), Close LF next to RF(&), Step RF fwd diagonal R(8)
Sec4: Cross, Side, Behind, Together, Heel, Together, Cross, Side, Turn ¼ R Back, Together, Touch
1 - 2Cross LF over RF(1), Step RF side(2)
3 &Step LF behind(3), Close RF next to LF(&)
4 &Heel Touch LF fwd diagonal L(4) Close LF next to RF(&)
5 - 6Cross RF over LF(5), Step LF side(6)
7& 8Making turn ¼ R step RF back(7), Close LF next to RF(&),Touch RF next to LF(8)(6:00)
Tag(4 Counts) facing 6:00
1 - 4Step RF side with Sway(1), Hold(2), Sway L weight on LF(3), Hold(4)