Sugar Candy

Eun Hee Yoon (KOR) - September 2020
Inner Circle - Candy Girl (Sugar Sugar) (feat. Flo Rida) (Original Version)

Intro: 32

Sec. 1) Side, Together, Side, Back, Recover, Side, Together, 1/4L Forward Shuffle
1-2 RF to R side(1), LF next to RF(2)
3&4 RF to R side (3), LF back(&), Recover on RF4)
5-6 LF to L side(5), RF next to LF)
7&8 1/4L LF forward(7), RF next to LF(&), LF forward(8) (9:00)

Sec. 2) Forward, 1/2L, Forward Shuffle (R, L), Rock, Recover
1-2 RF forward(1), 1/2L pivot turn(2) (3:00)
3&4 RF forward(3), LF next to RF(&), RF forward(4) (with shimmy)
5&6 LF forward(5), RF next to LF(&), LF forward(6) (with shimmy)
7-8 Rock RF forward(7), Recover on LF(8)

Sec. 3) Back Shuffle, 1/4L, Side, Together, 1/4L Forward, Forward, 1/4L, Cross Shuffle
1&2 RF back(1), LF next to RF(&), RF back(2) (with shimmy)
3&4 1/4L LF to L side(3), RF next to LF(&), 1/4L LF forward(4) (with shimmy) (9:00)
5-6 RF forward(5), 1/4L turn(6) (6:00)
7&8 RF cross over LF(7), LF to L side(&), RF cross over LF(8) (with shimmy)

Sec. 4) Side, Back, Recover, Side, Back, Recover, Sway (L, R, L), Touch
1-2& LF to L side(1), RF back(2) Recover on LF(&))
3-4& RF to R side(3), LF back(4), Recover on RF(&)
5-8 Sway (L-R-L)(5-7), Touch RF next to LF(8),