Dynamite BTS

High Beginner
Youngmi Lee (KOR) & Mihyung Kim (KOR) - September 2020
Dynamite - BTS

Intro : 16 Counts - No tag, No Restart

S1. R Step side, Together, Step side, Touch, L Step side, Together, Step side, Touch.
1-2-3-4RF Step side to R(1), LF Together RF(2), RF Step side to R(3), LF touch Next to RF(4),
5-6-7-8LF Step side to L(5), RF Together LF(6), LF Step side to L(7), RF touch Next to LF(8)

S2. Hip Bump×4, Step Diagonally Fwd Touch ×4 (R-L-R-L)
1-2-3-4RF touch Side to R & Hip Bump to L × 4(1-4),
5-6-7-8RF Step Diagonally Fwd & LF Touch next to RF(5), LF Step Diagonally Fwd & RF Touch next to LF(6), Repeat 5-6(7-8)

S3. Samba Step, Cross, Out, Out, Heel Swivel & Down, Up
1&2-3&4RF Across LF(1), LF Side Rock Step(&), RF Step In place(2), LF Across RF(3), RF Side to R(&), LF Side to L(4)
5&6-7&8While Swiveling Both Heels R-L-R Knees Down(5&6), While Swiveling Both Heels L-R-L Knees Up(7&8)

S4. Kick ball Step, ½L Pivot turn, Kick ball Step, ¼L Pivot turn,
1&2-3-4RF Kick(1), RF Ball Step Next to LF(&), LF Fwd Step(2), RF Fwd Step(3), ½L Pivot turn(4) (6:00)
5&6-7&8RF Kick(5), RF Ball Step Next to LF(&), LF Fwd Step(6), RF Fwd Step(7), ¼L Pivot turn(8) (3:00)

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