Southern Dreams 4 (P)

Low Intermediate - Couples
Jane Fløjborg Schmidt (DK) - September 2020
I Dream in Southern (feat. Kelly Clarkson) - Kaleb Lee

Reproduced to couple from Maddison Glover's Dance.

Start in Sweetheart position.
Intro.16 counts

Cross,back , back lock shuffle,back rock, recover,lock shuffle forward
1-2.Cross R over L, step L back
3&4.Step R back, step L together, step R back
5,6.Rock L back, recover fwd onto R,
7&8.Step L fwd, lock R behind L, step L fwd

Rock forward,recover, ½ turning shuffle ,rock forward ,recover,1/2 turning shuffle.(M+L)
9-10.Rock R fwd,recover weight onto L
11&12make ½ turn R stepping r,l,r
13-14.Rock L fwd,recover weight back onto R
15&16make ½ turn L stepping L,R,L

Side, together,shuffle forward,rock forward, Recover,full turn back.
17-18Step R to R side,step L together
19&20.Step R fwd,step L together ,step R fwd.
21-22.Rock L fwd,recover back onto R
23-24.Make ½ turn over L stepping L fwd,make ½ turnstepping R back

Back,touch across,shuffle forward,rock forward,recover,1/4 side shuffle
25-26Step L back, touch R toe acrossL foot,
27&28step R fwd, l together ,step R fwd
29-30.Rock L forward, recover back onto R
31&32turn ¼ L stepping L,R,L

Weave-front ,side ,behind,1/4forward,step forward,pivot1/2,shuffle forward
33-34.Cross R over L, step l to L side,
35-36.Cross R behind L,turn ¼ L stepping L forward
37-38.Step R forward,pivot ½ L
39&40step R forward,L together,step R forward.

½ turning shuffle,1/2 turning shuffle, rock, recover, coasterstep.
41&42make ½ turn R stepping L,R,L
43&44make ½ turn R stepping R,L,R
45-46.Rock fwd l, recover back on l
47&48step bak on L,toghether on R,step forward on L
RESTART second sequence

Cross rock, recover side shuffle,cross rock,side shuffle
49-50.Cross rock R over L,recover back onto R
51&52.Step R to Rside,step L together, step R to R side
53-54.Cross rock l over R, recover back onto R
55&56.Step L to L side, step R together,step L to L side.

Pivot ½,pivot1/2, step forward,touch together,back,touch together
57-58Step fwd,pivot ½ L
59-60.Step fwd, pivot ½L
61-62.Step R fwd, touch L together
63-64.Step L back, touchR together.