We Can Go Slow

Intermediate / Advanced
Klara Wallman (SWE) & Lina Hökdahl (SWE) - October 2020
Wild - John Legend & Gary Clark Jr. : (3:16)

#8 counts intro.

Back step with sweep R L, weave L, back rock R, full turn L, run LRL
1-2Step back on RF sweeping LF from front to back (1), step back on LF sweeping RF from front to back.
3-a4-aCross RF behind LF (3), Step LF to L side (a) cross RF over LF (4), step LF to L (a)
Styling option: make the cross steps on the ball of your foot.
5-6-7Rock back on RF (5) (1.30) recover to LF (6), make a ½ turn L stepping back on RF, sweep L heel close to the floor for another ½ turn (7).
8&aTurn 1/8 run forward on L (8), turn 1/8 run froward on R (&), turn 1/8 run forward on L (a) (9.00)

Point, spiral turn R, Step & press R L R, recover, back, side, jazz box, cross
1-2Point R toe to R (1), make a 7/8 spiral turn R on LF (2) (7.30)
3-4-5Press RF forward and angle your body to L diagonal (3), Press LF forward and angle your body to R diagonal (4), Press RF forward and angle your body to L diagonal (5) (Travel forward on the press-steps).
a6-a7Recover on to LF (a), step back on RF (6), step LF to L (a) (6.00), cross RF over LF (7) (into jazz box)
8&aStep back on LF (8), step RF to R (&), cross LF over R (a).

Press and shoulder roll x3, behind, turn ¼, pivot ½, turn ¼, behind, back side cross
1-a2-a3-aPress RF to R diagonal and roll your R shoulder downwards (like if you're digging) (1) recover on to LF and roll R shoulder upwards (a) (7.30), repeat for count 2-a3-a.
4-a5-6Step back on RF (4), turn ¼ stepping LF forward (a) (3.00), step RF forward (5), make ½ turn L stepping forward on LF (6) (9.00).
a7Turn ¼ stepping RF to R (a) (6.00), step LF behind RF (7)
8&aTurn 1/8 stepping back on RF (8) (5.30), turn 1/8 stepping LF to L (&) (3.00), cross RF over LF (a).

Side, ½ turn, "Box turn" weave and sweep, cross, back ¼, back.
1-2Step LF to L (1), make a ½ turn R stepping RF next to LF and pop R knee (2).
3-4-5Turn ¼ R stepping LF to L (3) (12.00), turn ¼ R stepping RF to R (4) (3.00), turn ½ R stepping LF to L (5) (9.00).
6-a7Cross RF behind LF (6), step LF to L (a), Cross RF over LF and sweep LF back to front (7).
8&aCross LF over R (8), turn ¼ stepping back on RF (&) (6.00), step back on LF (a).

Start again!

Good luck and Enjoy!