No Tears On Christmas

Kristina RS (INA) - November 2020
Last Christmas - Ariana Grande

INTRO : 32 count

S1 : heel jack, side, 1/2 turn, Forward shuffle
1-2 & long step L side, Step R back, close L together
3&4 touch R heel diagonally forward, close R together angling 1.30, step L forward and squaring.
5-6 Turn 1/4 left Step R back, Turn 1/4 left Step L side [6]
7&8 Step R forward, close L together, Step R forward

S 2 : Monterey, pivot 1/4 turn, jazz box
1&2& Touch L side, close L together, Touch R side, close R together
3-4 Step L forward, turn 1/4 right BW on R [9]
5-6 cross L over R, step R back
7-8 step L side, cross R over L

S 3: Press L - R, paddle turn 1/2
1-2 Step press L forward, Step L together
3-4 Step press R forward, Step R together
5-6 Step L forward, turn 1/4 right BW on R [12]
7-8 Step L forward, turn 1/4 right BW on R [3]

S4 : forward, side, back, together, heel switch, side, together
1&2& Rock L forward, Recover on R, Rock L side, Recover on R
3-4 Step L back and drag R, close R together
5&6& touch L heel forward, close L together, touch R heel forward, close R together
7-8 Step L side, close R together

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Merry Christmas ~ Happy dancing
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Last Update - 2 Dec. 2020