El Esta Por Mi

Beginner / Intermediate
Ein Merin (INA), Ingrid Pakasi (INA), Kristin, Anna Ap, Duma Kristina S (INA) & Susanty (INA) - December 2020
Loca - Shakira

#1. Rhumba Box
1-4Step L side, Step R next to L, Step L forward, Hold
5 -8Step R side, Step L next to R, Step R back, Hold
Option for intermediate dancer: Step change for Section 1 on wall 3, 6, 9 (on chorus part)
1-2Sway L, Hold
3-4Sway R, Hold
5-6Sway L, Hold
7-8Sway R, Hold

#2. Coaster step, Mambo turn 1/2r
1-4Step L back,step R next to L, Step L forward, Hold
5-8Step R forward, Step L slightly forward, Turn 1/2 right step R back, Hold

#3. Back mambo, Cross, Recover, Side touch
1-4Rock L back, Recover on R, Step L forward, Hold
5-8Cross rock R over L, Recover on L, Touch R side, Hold

#4. Botafogo R L
1-4cross R over, rock L side, recover on R, Hold
5-8cross L over, rock R side, recover on L, Hold

#5. Voltas
1-2cross R over L ,step L to side
3-4cross R over L ,step L to side
5-6turn 1/4 right cross R over L ,step L to side[9]
7-8cross R over L, Hold
Optional: do the voltas in a quarter circle shape unto 9.00

#6. Mambo cross, Merengue
1-4rock L side,recover on R ,cross L over, Hold
5-8step R side ,step L together, step R side, Hold

#7. Cumbia L R
1-4rock L ball behind,recover on R, step L side, Hold
5-8rock R ball behind,recover on L,step R side, Hold

#8. Forward Mambo L R
1-4Rock L forward,recover on R,step L next to R, Hold
5-8rock R forward,recover on L,step R next to L, Hold