Holiday Feels

High Intermediate
Roy Verdonk (NL), Grace David (KOR) & Jef Camps (BEL) - December 2020
Holiday Feels - Nabiha

Intro - 16 counts

S1: Cross Behind/Kick, Behind, Side, Cross Rock/Recover, ¼ Ball, Step Fwd/Sweep, Cross, Side, 1/8 Back Rock/Recover
1-2LF cross behind RF & kick RF high forward and swing it clockwise, RF cross behind LF
a3-4LF step side, RF cross over LF, recover on LF
a5-6¼ turn R & step on ball of RF, LF step forward & sweep RF forward, RF cross over LF (3:00)
a7-8LF step side, 1/8 turn R & RF rock back, recover on LF (4:30)

S2: 3/8 Back, ¼ Forward, ¼ Side, 1/8 Lock, 1/8 Back, Back Rock/Recover, ¾ Turn, Sways, Cross/Sweep, Twinkle
a1a 3/8 turn L & RF step back, ¼ turn L & LF step forward, ¼ turn L & RF step side (6:00)
2a1/8 turn L & LF lock in front of RF, 1/8 turn L & RF step back (3:00)
3-4aLF rock back, recover on RF, ½ turn R & LF step back (9:00)
5-6-7¼ turn R & RF step side (sway hip), recover on LF (sway hip), RF cross over LF & sweep L fwd (12:00)
8&aLF cross over RF, RF step side, LF recover

S3: Weave, Hitch, Behind, Big Side, ¼ Drag, ¼ Scissor Step, Skates, Ball, Step/Flick
1a2RF cross over LF, LF step side, RF cross behind LF & hitch L-knee to bring it behind
a3LF cross behind RF, RF big step side & drag LF across R while making ¼ turn on RF (3:00)
4&a¼ turn R & LF step side, RF close next to LF, LF cross over RF (6:00)
5-6RF skate into R diagonal, LF skate into L diagonal
7a8RF skate into R diagonal, LF close next to RF, RF step forward & lift LF (7:30)
Note: the last step is more like a slow running step

S4: Step Fwd, ½ Pivot, Full Turn, Sweep, 1/8 Twinkle, Cross/Flick, Back/Sweep ½ turn, 1/8 Back, Hook, Step Fwd, 1/8 Side
1-2LF step forward, make ½ turn R putting weight on RF (1:30)
a3½ turn R & LF step back, ½ turn R & RF step forward & sweep L fwd (1:30)
4&aLF step forward, 1/8 turn L & RF step side, recover on LF (12:00)
5-6RF step forward & flick L behind, LF step back & sweep RF back making ½ turn R on LF (6:00)
71/8 turn R & RF step back & touch L toes across RF (hook) (7:30)
8aLF step forward, 1/8 turn L & RF step side (6:00)

Have fun!

Happy holidays from the 3 of us.