Cold, So Cold

Beginner / Improver
Step5678 (USA) - December 2020
Cold - Chris Stapleton

Intro: 5 Counts After Hard Beat (about 23 seconds), Dance Starts Before Lyrics
No Tags or Restarts!

S1: Nightclub Basic-Right, Nightclub Basic-Left, Left Spiral, Run, Run, Run, Step Fwd, ¼ Left, Cross
1-2&Step R to right side (1), Rock L behind R (2), Recover weight to R (&)
3-4&Step L to left side (3), Rock R behind L (4), Recover weight to L (&)
5Step fwd onto ball of R foot into a full left turn (5)
6&7Run fwd on L (6), Run fwd on R (&), Run fwd on L (7)
8&1Step R fwd (8), Pivot ¼ turn left (weight on L) (&), Cross R over L (1)

S2: ¼ Right, ¼ Right, Cross, ¼ Left, ¼ Left, Cross Rock/Recover, Sways
2&3Turn ¼ right-step L back (2), Turn ¼ right-step R to right side (&), Cross L over R (3)
4&Turn ¼ left-step R back (4), Turn ¼ left-step L to left side (&)
5-6Cross rock R over L (5), Recover on L (6)
7-8Sway hips to right (7), Sway hips to left (8)

***In S1 count 5, you can simply step R forward in place of the spiral.***

Let's Dance!!!