Lil Bit

Improver / Intermediate
Jessica Ingram (USA) - 24 December 2020
Lil Bit - Nelly & Florida Georgia Line

No tags, 1 restart on wall 3, after 16 ½ counts (when first chorus starts)

(1-8) side, behind, ¼ triple, rock, recover, triple 3/4 turn
1,2 -step side R, step behind L
3&4 -R,L,R triple 1/4 turn to the right (3:00)
5,6 -step forward L, recover weight back on R
7&8 -L,R,L triple 3/4 turn over left shoulder (6:00)

(9-16) side rock/hip swirl, recover, coaster, rock, recover, triple ¾ turn, ¼ pivot
1,2 -step side R with hip swirl, recover weight back on L
3&4 -R,L,R coaster step
5,6 -step forward L, recover weight back on R
7&8& -L,R,L triple 3/4 turn over left shoulder, weight on L ball lift R foot ¼ pivot L (6:00)*
*restart dance here, wall 3 after ¼ pivot*, facing 6:00 wall

(17-24) step back, body roll, coaster, lock step, triple
1,2 -step back right, body roll (end with weight on R)
3&4 -L,R,L coaster step
5,6 -step forward R, step behind L
7&8 -R,L,R triple forward

(25-32) kick and point x 2, ½ turn Monterey, ½ turn
1&2 -kick L, step weight on L, point side R
3&4 -kick R, step weight on R, point side L
&5,6 -step on L, point R to side, ½ turn R & step R next to left
7,8 -point L to side, step L next to R
& -flick R heel behind making ½ turn R (pivot on L ball of foot)

Step sheet written by Jessica Ingram / Cindi Massengale 1/23/21

Contact: dancewithcindi@aol