Raising Hell (CBA 2021)

Absolute Beginner
Helen O'Malley (IRE) - January 2021
Outta Control (feat. Kimber Clayton) - Dave Sheriff

Music available for download from davesheriff.com

Dedicated to Kimber Clayton 1964 - 2006

Intro: 32 count Start on Vocals.

S1. Step/Touch Forward. Step/Touch Back. Step/Touch Back. Step/Touch Forward.
1-2RF step right diagonal forward right, LF touch left beside right
3-4LF step left diagonal back left, RF touch right beside left.
5-6RF step right diagonal back right, LF touch left beside right.
7-8LF step left diagonal forward, RF touch right beside left.

S2. Vine Right, Touch. Vine Left 1/4 turn Brush.
1-4Step R to right side, step Lbehind right, step R to right side, touch L beside right.
5-8Step L to left side, step R behind left, step L forward 1/4 turn left, Brush R forward.

S3. Rock Forward Recover Hold. Rock Back Recover Hold.
1-4RF rock forward right, LF recover onto left. RF step back on right, Hold
5-8LF rock back left, RF recover onto right, LF step forward onto left, Hold.

S4. Step Forward, Hold/Clap, Pivot 1/2 Turn, Hold/Clap, Toe Struts Forward x2.
1-2RF step right forward, Hold and Clap
3-4Pivot 1/2 turn left, Hold and Clap
5-8RF step forward on right toe, drop heel, LF step forward on left toe, drop heel.

Smile & Enjoy... Dance like no one is watching !

Helen xx

Contact: omalleyhelen30@gmail.com