Easy Newcomer
Raymond Sarlemijn (NOR) - February 2021
I Just Called to Say I Love You - Brave

** Dedicated to my wife Kairi Sarlemijn **

Rock step forward, recover, coaster step (with kick optional) heel grind ¼ left, sailor step.
1RF forward.
2Recover weight LF
3RF backwards.
&LF close RF.
4RF forward (Kick forward optional).
(& RF forward Optional if you make a kick)
5L heel forward.
6¼ turn left, RF right.
7LF cross backward RF.
&RF close LF.
8LF left facing 19:30.

Step touches, ½ turn right, step touches.
1RF step right, body stay's facing 19:30
2LF touch RF.
3LF step back.
4RF touch LF.
5½ turn right, RF step forward.
6LF touch RF
7LF step left.
8RF touch LF.

Grape vine right, ¼ turn left, ¼ turn left, ½ turn left shuffle.
1RF right.
2LF cross behind RF.
3RF right.
4LF touch RF.
5¼ turn left, LF step forward.
6¼ turn left, RF right.
7½ turn left, LF left.
&RF close LF.
8LF left.

Rock step forward, shuffle right, cross forward, ¼ turn left, ¼ turn left, shuffle forward.
1RF rock forward.
2Recover weight on LF.
3RF right.
&LF close RF.
4RF right.
5LF cross forward RF.
6¼ turn left, RF step backwards.
7¼ turn left, LF step forward.
&RF close LF
8LF forward.

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