Daan Geelen (NL) - February 2021
Lonely - Noah Cyrus

Start the dance on vocals
Restart: wall 4 after rock back

SECTION 1 - Sway L Point, Sway R Point, Recover, Cross, Side, Behind with Sweep Front to Back, Step Behind, Step Diagonal Fwd, Run Fwd L R L, Sweep;
1 2Sway Left Point R to Rightside, Sway Right Point L to Leftside
3&aRecover to Left, Cross R over L, Step L to Leftside
4Step R Behind L and Sweep L Front to Back
5 6Step L Behind R, Step R Diagonal Right Fwd
7&8Step L Fwd, Step R Fwd, Step L Fwd, Sweep R Back to Front
Option 7&8:
Triple Full Turn Left Fwd (L R L)

SECTION 2 - Step R Diagonal Fwd and Sway, Sway ¼ Turn Left, Cross, Back, Rock Back, Recover, Walk R L, ¼ Turn Right, Cross, Side;
1 2Step R Diagonal Fwd and Sway Fwd, Recover ¼ Turn Left with Sway (facing 10.30)
3&Cross R over L, Step L 1/8 Turn Right Back
a4Rock R Back * (restart wall 4), Recover to L
5 6Step R Fwd, Step L Fwd
7&8¼ Turn Right Step R to Rightside, Cross L over R, Step R to Rightside
Option 7&8:
Triple 1 ¼ Turn to Rightside

At the end of the music recover to 12 o'clock